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Loquiz app

Loquiz is the gamification platform for real-world games. Our roots are in adventure travel. Back in the day, we were guiding kayak- trips, running countrywide adventures and instructing participants on extreme events. Hard adventures have always been close to our hearts, but soft adventures (like games) have their appeal on many occasions. If you are running an outdoor or event business then you certainly know that being at an event or guiding a trip or running a game is a small but most satisfying part of the day. The hard work is the part that participants never see – preparing for the event, handling logistics and building the games.

Games can be run on iOS and Android, phones and tablets. Provide tablets to teams or ask players to use their own phones. Loquiz games basically run themselves, all that is left for you to do is to sit back and enjoy. Or act as the live moderator for the game if you want to.

You can download Loquiz for free both for iOS and Android devices: