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Can I stop / pause the game when playing it?

You can also pause the mobile game in the meantime, to relax for a moment or to enjoy a nice break in a café. Why not also to charge your smart device.

I bought the game but at the last minute it turned out that I can’t play the mobile game right away. What do I have to do?

Our mobile games can be played in each city, based on the same code, until up to 200 days from the date of purchase. This means that you still have 200 days to play the game. The cost of the game will not be refunded. The code you received when you purchased the game is unique and can only be used once. As soon as the game starts, the code is activated.

How many people can play with one purchase / smart device?

We always recommend a maximum of three people per smart device. There have also been four people playing it, but then there is always someone who can't play the game in full. However, it is most ideal to play in a pair.

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Have fun!