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1-3 players per smartphone
All year around
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Pine Cone Race in Mariehamn (class 1-3) ENG

25,00 €


In this game you have to collect as many cones as possible by exploring Mariehamn on foot and answering questions. When you have found the right place, a question automatically appears. Answer the question correctly and get as many cones as the question is worth. With the wrong answer, you do not lose any cones. However, be on your guard! Some areas are more dangerous than others and if you happen to enter such an area you lose some cones. These areas are marked with a minus on the map. Stay away from these!

The questions for this game are adapted to suit the slightly younger family members (grades 1-3) and the game takes about 90 minutes to play. It is a great way to spend time with friends and family, have fun outdoors and at the same time explore beautiful Mariehamn.


Have fun! Stay safe!

Important information

* To avoid errors, make sure that the device you are playing on has the latest software updated and the battery is fully charged! Also, when logging in to the app, give permission to identify your location!

* Often newer devices work better for gaming.

* We recommend playing for a maximum of 3-4 people per smart device, so that everyone can get enough of the game!

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