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1-3 players per smartphone
All year around
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Master of Seas in MARIEHAMN

25,00 €


Master of Seas

Do you know your Port from your Starboard? How about your pirate history? In honour of the Tall Ships Race coming to Mariehamn 22-25 July 2021, we’ve prepared a special game to test your nautical knowledge. It’s called Master of Seas, and in it, you’ll answer questions as you explore beautiful Mariehamn on foot. The game has no time limit, so enjoy the sights, pause for breaks as often as you like, and continue at your own pace. Play and find out how much of a salty sea dog you are!

Enjoy the adventure!

Important information

* To avoid errors, make sure that the device you are playing on has the latest software updated and the battery is fully charged! Also, when logging in to the app, give permission to identify your location!

* Often newer devices work better for gaming.

* We recommend playing for a maximum of 3-4 people per smart device, so that everyone can get enough of the game!

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