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1-3 players per smartphone
All year around
Games last 1-3h

Gift Card 20 euros

20,00 €

  • 2-4 tööpäeva

You can use the gift card:

  • to play 360FUN smart games (both for groups and single games)
  • for public as well as group hikes
  • for adventure equipment rental.

General information about the gift card:

The validity of the 360FUN gift card is 1 year. After the purchase, the gift card will be sent by e-mail to the purchaser. If you want to receive a gift card by mail, be sure to add the postage cost and pay for it. In this case, we will send the gift card with a symbolic carabiner directly to the recipient of the gift. To add greeting texts, send an e-mail to: 

NB! The non-used part of the value of the gift card is not refundable in cash.

Enjoy and have fun!