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1-3 players per smartphone
All year around
Games last 1-3h

Jüri von Kaufmann's adventure in Tallinn!

15,00 €

  • 1,5-2h
  • 1-3

Jüri von Kaufmann (in German "merchant") was a medieval merchant. He came from Lübeck, but lived in Reval (Tallinn) and travelled a lot, especially in the Hanseatic cities of Estonia. He was not too rich nor poor. But Jüri was special - he was able to see the future. He left us with tasks to figure out and messages to solve them.

Your goal is to go through as many different checkpoints on the map as possible, solve riddles, increase the score by giving the correct answers and thus find the message that Jüri left You.

Each checkpoint has a different value, which you can also see on the map above each checkpoint. It doesn't matter what order you follow - whereas in order to be able to open the message, you have to go through most of the checkpoints and give the correct answers.

If you answer 50% of the questions correctly, a message will appear on the screen during the game, where you will also find Jüri's message! When the message arrives, write it down or save it in the memory!

There is no time limit for the game, so you can pause the game in the meantime (for example, to charge your device or stop in a café) and resume later.



Important information

* To avoid errors, make sure that the device you are playing on has the latest software updated and the battery is fully charged! Also, when logging in to the app, give permission to identify your location! 

* Often newer devices work better for gaming. 

* We recommend playing for a maximum of 3-4 people per smart device, so that everyone can get enough of the game!