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1-3 players per smartphone
All year around
Games last 1-3h

Jüri von Kaufmann can also be seen in Haapsalu!

15,00 €

  • 1,5-2h
  • 1-3

Jüri von Kaufmann (in German "merchant") was a medieval merchant. He came from Lübeck, but lived in Reval (Tallinn) and travelled a lot, especially in the Hanseatic cities of Estonia. He was not too rich nor poor. But Jüri was special - he was able to see the future. He left us with tasks to figure out and messages to solve them.

Now you have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Jüri in Haapsalu. A city that did not make its way into the circle of the Hanseatic cities together with Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu and Viljandi, but nevertheless diligent activities took place there.

The aim of the game is to find Jüri's "breadcrumb trail", solve puzzles and find the message he sent you. On the map you will find the possible places where Jüri left his tasks. It doesn't matter in which order you follow the steps - but the more checkpoints you can pass, the greater the chance of reaching the message left by Jüri. In the game, the map also shows the contour of the medieval city wall. Let it be said here that in the safety of the city wall, You are usually protected, but be vigilant outside, because various con men and robbers move around, while You will find valuable stuff just when you take risks.

There is no time limit for the game, so you can pause the game in the meantime (for example, to charge your device or stop in a café) and resume later.

When the message arrives, write it down or save it in the memory! After receiving the messages of all Jüri von Kaufmann's city games and forwarding them to us, the prize will be waiting for you!


@ 360 KRAADI game is an authentic self-creation of the adventure company 360 KRAADI. It was invented in 2020. The authors and creators of the idea are Paavo Nael, Urmas Veersalu, Alfred Baskin.